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Phuoc Long ICD1, an inland port, was incorporated and officially put into operation in 1995. Phuoc Long ICD Port or PIP has such business activities as port operation, stevedoring, management of shipment and forwarding of import-export and local containers. Located in a strategic area near the source of goods like Linh Trung I & II processing and exporting zone, Bien Hoa – Dong Nai industrial park, industrial parks in Binh Duong like Song Than, Vietnam-Singapore, etc., ICD1 has become a central and important traffic junction and essential link of transportation when transiting goods from places to places in the major economic zone of the South, forming the effective connection of port and industrial park.

Phuoc Long ICD1 provides other services as follows:

  •  Storage: CFS1 warehouse.
  • ICD1 depot: in the depot chain of Phuoc Long ICD Port, which conducts all functions and duties of a depot.
  • Stuffing and unstuffing containers: for all kinds of dry cargoes, inclusive of dangerous ones
    - Mechanically: by cranes and lift trucks
    - Manually: by workers
  • Imported goods: working as an inland port and a center for transiting goods, Phuoc Long ICD1 Port frequently receives transshipment goods from other ports in Ho Chi Minh City, Ba Ria – Vung Tau, etc. to ICD1, from which goods is distributed to industrial parks in surrounding provinces.
  • Repairing reefer containers: With the reefer container yard of 20,000 m² and 30 skilled engineers and workers who are experienced, understand the laws and skills of operation and repairing reefer containers, goods is secured. PIP undertakes to bring the most rational economic and technical solutions to you.
Phuoc Long ICD with Midstream technology has been more and more improved, attracts import-export companies and shippers who select and consider PIP as the most professional and effective port operator. There are currently over 50 MLOs in the world who are using Phuoc Long ICD services and consider PIP as a “sea port” in Ho Chi Minh City urban area. Our activities are not only for commercial benefit but also an aspiration and belief to be able to serve our clients at the highest level, and to build and grow sustainably. Our business principle is that “Benefits of our clients are always attached with PIP’s growth.”

Should there be any inquiries, please contact us on our hot line: 028.37313204 - Ext: 141/125 

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